Escape the Men's Room Solution

  1. After the title screen disappears, you find yourself in front of the door that leads out of the men's room. But it's locked. You can peek out the keyhole by clicking on it to get a brief glance of strange surroundings. You can do that as often as you like, but it won't help you escape.
  2. Directly below the keyhole, in the gap between the base of the door and the floor, rests a coin. Acquire it by clicking on it.
  3. Turn the crank on the paper towel dispenser to eject a paper towel. A message appears to have been scribbled on the surface of the towel. Acquire the paper towel by clicking on it. To read the message, drag it from your inventory to anywhere on the screen. The message is part of a code that you'll solve a little later.
  4. Navigate up to the ceiling. Open the smoke alarm and take out the battery.
  5. Navigate around the men's room until you find the closest door. In place of a doorknob, is a grid of tiles. Click on the tiles. This is a variation of the Fifteen Puzzle. You need to arrange the tiles in a particular order by sliding them into the empty space. Study the colored circles at the edges to determine which tiles match up. Start with the tile in the upper-right corner. It contains a red semicircle on the right-edge. Advance across the top row from left-to-right. Then, move down a tile and advance from right-to-left for the next row. Continue that pattern for the remaining 2 rows. When you solve the puzzle, the closest door will open.
  6. Take the cleaning product out of the closest.
  7. The floor of the closest is lined with a mat. Click the corner of the mat to reveal a screwdriver. Take it.
  8. Navigate around until you find an upside down waste container. It's actually concealing 5 other smaller waste containers nested within. You need to move all 6 waste containers out of the way to gain access to the vent behind the stack. You can shuffle waste containers to 2 other positions on the floor, but, due to their nesting nature, you cannot put a smaller waste container onto a larger one. This is a variation of the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle. You actually only need to solve half the puzzle since the goal is to empty the left-most stack as opposed to moving it entirely. One approach to solving the puzzle involves breaking it down into easier versions involving fewer waste containers. To move the full stack of 6, you first need to move the upper sub-stack of 5 to one of the temporary positions. Then, you need to move the sixth waste container to the destination position. And finally, you need to move the sub-stack of 5 on top of it. That idea can be repeated all the way down to just a stack of 1 waste container. Move the waste containers around until the vent is accessible.
  9. Open the vent with the screwdriver.
  10. Enter the vent maze. The maze is randomized each time you play. The maze consists of 3 rooms that appear in a particular sequence: red, yellow and purple. Of the 4 exit vents that appear in each room, only one of them will advance you to a successive room. If you click on the wrong exit vent, the maze returns you back to the red room. Through trial-and-error, discover the vent that leads from red-to-yellow (and remember it). Repeat that for yellow-to-purple. When the find the correct exit vent in the purple room, be sure to pick up the keycard.
  11. Navigate over to the bank of urinals. One of the urinals will automatically flush when you approach. You need to repeat back the flush sequence. It starts with a single flush. After you mimic it, the original flush is repeated followed by a new flush added to sequence. This will go back and forth until the sequence is 8 flushes long. This is a variation of the Simon electronic toy game. If you make a mistake, you'll need to navigate away and return to try again. The sequence is randomized each time you approach the urinal bank. If you succeed, the entire wall, urinals and all, will rise out of the way revealing a network of pipes and valves.
  12. Insert the keycard into the slot in the lower-left to enable the indicator.
  13. The valves control a movable indicator. The goal is to find the configuration of values that positions the moveable indicator directly on top of the larger, stationary indicator. This is a binary number puzzle. One valve will advance the indicator to the halfway mark. Another will move it to the quarter mark. Another will move it the eighth mark, and so on. Turn on each valve independently of the others and record the effect. On paper, sort the valves from largest effect to smallest effect and then turn all the valves off. Turn them on one at a time in sorted order. If any valve overshoots the goal, it is not part of the solution; shut that particular valve off. Go through all the valves in sorted order and you'll find the answer. The right combination is randomized each time you play.
  14. When you solve the valves puzzle, a document will be printed out in the lower-left. Take the printout. It contains a message that can be read by dragging it from your inventory to center frame.
  15. Navigate to the 3 stalls. One of them appears to be occupied, but the other 2 are free. The order of the stalls is randomized at start of game. Enter one of the free stalls. One of them contains a hanging roll of toilet paper. Touch the roll to eject a sheet with another message on it. Acquire the sheet. Like the paper towel and the printout, you can read the message by dragging the toilet paper from your inventory onto the frame. The other unoccupied stall contains a keypad and a toilet plunger, you'll return to it later.
  16. While in front of the 3 stalls, drag the coin from your inventory to the lock of the occupied stall. You'll unlock the stall.
  17. Enter the occupied stall. Inside, you'll discover that the occupant was consumed by some sort of creature whose Venus Flytrap-like mouth protrudes from the toilet bowl. Remove the shoelaces from the deceased occupant's footwear.
  18. Pour the cleaning product into the creature's mouth to kill it.
  19. Extract a tooth.
  20. Head over to the 3 sinks. Press the hot water button on each sink to fog up the mirror. A message will form in the fog above one of the sinks (randomized at the beginning of the game) that contains a large X. Drag the tooth from your inventory to the X to break the mirror.
  21. Click on the hole in the mirror to read the hidden message. It consists of 8 symbols: some letters and some question marks. Combine that with the message on the toilet paper sheet by substituting a question mark on one with a letter from the other. This will produce a sequence of 8 letters. Use the paper towel and the printout to translate those letters into a sequence of 8 numbers.
  22. Go to the stall containing the keypad and the toilet plunger. Click on the keypad. Install the battery. Enter the 8 numbers. Then, pull on the handle of the toilet plunger like a lever switch. A hidden panel will open on the left side of the toilet. That panel conceals a series of other panels. Click on each in turn to open them. Finally, one of the panels will slide open to reveal a magnet. Take the magnet. Before you leave the stall, record the 6 color sequence revealed by the panels. You'll need it later.
  23. Drag the shoelaces to the magnet or vice versa to tie them together.
  24. Exit the stall if you are still there. Navigate down to the drain. Drag the magnet with shoelace to the drain and retrieve the lock pick.
  25. Go to the door with the keyhole and insert the lock pick. Inside of the lock, if you click on the springs you can adjust the centered color in each column. The combination is randomized each time you play. It is the sequence of 6 colors revealed by the panels in the stall.
  26. After picking the lock, click on the door handle to open the door.
  27. Walk through to door to escape...

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