On The Ball

Prepare to succumb to motion sickness. This game uses inertia and gravity to simulate how an actual ball would bounce and roll in a spinning maze. Itís up to you to guide the ball towards a goal within the given time limit. With enough speed, you can smash through certain barriers, but stay away from the blocks with red Xís. Bouncing against one of them takes away some of your time. To win, youíll need to journey through 10 challenging labyrinths. If youíre up to it, an a-MAZE-ing experience awaits.

Maze 6 Maze 7

Dive into this Java 1.5 Web Start link: http://www.meatfighter.com/j4k2007/ontheball/ontheball.jnlp

Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the maze around the ball. Press the down arrow key for a momentary speed boost.

Hack up the source code here: http://www.meatfighter.com/j4k2007/ontheball/M.java

J4K 2007