Pitfall: Scorpian Island

Pitfall Harry is back and more pixilated than ever. On a scorpion infested island, assume his role as a fearless, rough-and-ready treasure seeker who battles invertebrates and reptiles using his athletic ability. Your mission: find hidden treasures. Featuring 16 perilous levels, including creature-ridden caves, vast glacial mountains and stages that look suspiciously like ones from Super Mario Brothers, you are challenged to explore a dynamic obstacle-filled world. Adventure your way through a vast landscape. With fast-paced action pathways and a host of obstacles and challenges, you must face the consequences of your every decision.

Stage 1 Stage 3

Your adventure begins with this Java 1.5 Web Start link: http://www.meatfighter.com/j4k2007/pitfall/pitfall.jnlp

Move left and right with the arrow keys. Jump by pressing D. The longer you press it, the higher you go. Contacting a scorpion is deadly, but crocodiles are harmless when their jaws are shut.

Hack up the source code here: http://www.meatfighter.com/j4k2007/pitfall/M.java

J4K 2007