F-Zero 4K

In a time when multibillionaires with lethargic lifestyles create deadly forms of racing for pure entertainment, only you can take the reins and prove your worth to the cheering crowds. At speeds exceeding 500 km/h, you will pilot a plasma-powered hovercar in an intergalactic Grand Prix. A race consists of 5 laps around the track. You must beat your opponents to the finish line while avoiding the power-depleting sides of the track and other vehicles. Recharge on the power strip. Now, blast into this futuristic racing video game inspired by a Super Nintendo classic.

F-Zero 4K F-Zero 4K

Launch your hovercar with this Java 1.5 Web Start link: http://www.meatfighter.com/j4k2009/fzero/fzero.jnlp

D = Accelerate
Arrow Keys = Steer

Hack up the source code here: http://www.meatfighter.com/j4k2009/fzero/fzero4k_src20090117.zip

J4K 2009