You need Java installed to play this game.
Press the button below to get it.

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Click on the up and down arrows on the menu screen to adjust the starting level. Press the green button to start the game.

When the game begins, use the mouse to position the cursor over 2 adjacent blocks within the same row. Press the left mouse button to swap. Arrange blocks in horizontal or vertical lines of 3 or more matching colors to clear them from the playfield. Any blocks above will fall into the gap. The stack rises steadily with new blocks added at the bottom. If the stack reaches the top, it's game over. The objective is to repeatedly clear blocks until the stack falls below a flashing line.

Do not wait for blocks to vanish. Keep on moving. When you form a pattern , the blocks are not cleared instantaneously. Instead, they briefly flash and pop out of existence. During this process, the stack stops rising. Use that to your advantage.

Clearing more than 3 blocks in a single move scores a Combo. Combos temporarily stop the stack from rising even after the blocks vanish such that the larger the Combo, the longer the delay.

Since gravity acts on the blocks, chain reactions, or Chains for short, can occur as patterns form indirectly. With careful planning you can generate complex Chains. You can even take advantage of gravity delays and slip blocks into falling columns to form Chains.

As you approach the flashing line, the stack rising speed increases. However, if it is rising too slowly for you or if it is halted due to a Combo or Chain, press the right mouse button to advance the stack.

Click on the game to gain focus.

Feel free to hack up the source code.

J4K 2011