You need Java installed to play this game.
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Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. The left and right keys control heading. The up and down keys control altitude. Hold down any other key for auto-fire. While firing, your ship slows to half speed to aid in targeting.

Pay attention to your radar in the upper-right. It will guide you to the remaining enemies.

If you inadvertently fly away from the battle zone, your ship's autopilot will momentarily take control to steer you back into the action.

There are 5 stages to beat. Press any key to begin.

Click on the game to gain focus.

"No one ever complained about the cold on Hoth. We never felt it. Even though we were blinded by blizzards, we could see the final end of the Rebellion in our blaster sights. Was it only a mirage? Perhaps; but on that day, on that planet, our blood ran hot with dreams of victory, melting the ice that stood in our way." -Unknown Stormtrooper

Feel free to hack up the source code.

J4K 2011