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A or Q – Left Flipper

L or Apostrophe – Right Flipper

Spacebar – Plunger

Enter – New Game

Click on the game to acquire keyboard focus. The Apostrophe key is located to the left of Enter. Make sure that Caps Lock is off.

Start off the game by holding down Spacebar to pull back on the plunger. Release the plunger to launch the ball into the upper playfield.

The most prominent feature of the upper playfield is the pair of bumpers. Bumpers are worth 10,000 points. Directly above the bumpers are 4 lanes containing gray rollover targets. Each rollover target is worth 25,000 points. If you obtain all 4, you'll be rewarded with 100,000 points and a score multiplier increment. The score multiplier scales all awarded points up to a factor of 4x. The multiplier is displayed at the bottom. The upper playfield is protected on either side by one-way gates that let the ball enter and then keep it trapped until it falls through a chute below the bumpers.

Once the ball enters the lower playfield, use A/Q and L/Apostrophe to control the left and right flippers respectively to propel the ball back up and away from the drain. Aim for 1 of the 6 ramps. Two of them lead back to the upper playfield. Three lead to the left, center and right habitrails. The last one leads to a bullseye target.

The left habitrail forks at the midpoint. A closed gate at the fork directs the ball left before opening. From there, the ball will vanish into a sinkhole and then it will be ejected from another hole at the top-center of the playfield. In the process, you'll be awarded 25,000 points. When the gate is open, the ball will be released to the left inlane, a path feeding the left flipper. Again, you'll be awared 25,000 points.

The center habitrail directs the ball to a sinkhole. The ball will emerge from another hole located above the right inlane. The pathway is worth 10,000 points.

You'll score 25,000 points by taking the right habitrail, which leads to the right inlane.

The bullseye target is a sinkhole that sends the ball to the top-center ejection hole. The bullseye is worth 25,000 points.

The triangular objects above the flippers are slingshots. They kick the ball diagonally upward. Each kick is worth 10,000 points.

The 2 ejection holes will actually attract the ball and they will temporarily hold onto it. They serve as targets worth 5,000 points each.

Above the left slingshot is a second group of gray rollover targets. Each target is worth 25,000 points. Collect all 3 to receive 100,000 points.

There are 5 white rollover targets spread across the playfield. Two are located in the inlanes. One is located directly below the bullseye target. Another is found in the ramp that leads from the lower playfield back to the upper playfield. And, the final white rollover target is located below the right ejection hole. If you acquire all 5 targets, multiple balls will be ejected into the playfield and you'll be awarded 125,000 points.

At the far sides of the bottom of the playfield are the outlanes that lead to the drain. However, a kickback located in the left outlane can kick the ball back into play. But, after the kick, a gate closes that disables the kickback. To reset the kickback gate and the left habitrail fork gate, hit the bullseye target. A kickback kick is worth 25,000 points.

When the ball goes down the drain, your next ball will automatically be positioned above the plunger, with one exception: if a ball takes a path from the plunger to the drain without contacting a flipper, the ball will automatically be returned to the playfield via the top-center ejection hole.

The game starts off with 5 balls. The number at the bottom-left indicates how many extra balls remain. Additional extra balls are awarded for every 15,000,000 points achieved. When the last ball goes down the drain, it's Game Over. Note your score and then press Enter to start a new game.

Feel free to hack up the source code.

J4K 2012