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Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control the player. Press Up to pickup an item. Use Left and Right to move. Press Down to serve. Enter is start and P is pause.

Patrons arrive periodically at the bottom of the screen and they state their food orders. The player must acquire the appropriate item and serve the patrons as they slowly advance towards the player.

If a customer reaches the top, the player loses a life. Serving the wrong item or delivering it down the wrong counter will also cost the player a life.

Generous patrons offer gratuities that can be collected for extra points. An extra life is awarded for every 50,000 points achieved. An extra life is also awarded for passing a level.

As each level progresses, patrons will arrive more often and they will advance faster. As difficulty increases, customers will sporadically return the serving tray. This must be collected to avoid losing a life.

If you accidentally pickup the wrong item, press Up again to return it to the empty spot of the food window ledge.

Good luck on your tedious, low-paying, unappreciated, low-prestige, dead-end job!

Feel free to hack up the source code.

J4K 2012