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Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. Press any other key to jump.

The optimal pathway through the maze can be viewed here. Press 8 to enable a secret compass that will guide you through the optimal pathway.

You can safely stand on the right tip of crocodile heads even when their mouths are open.

The object of Pitfall 4K is to guide Harry through a maze of jungle scenes, jumping over or avoiding many deadly dangers, and helping Harry grab the most treasures in the shortest possible time. You start each adventure with 2000 points. Some misfortunes will cause a deduction of points. Should you fall down a hole by accident, you will lose 100 points. Rolling logs will also cause point loss depending on how long contact is made with them.

Each treasure you find will add points to your score. There are eight of each type of treasure in the entire game, 32 in all, for a total of 112,000 points. A perfect score is 114,000 points, reached by collecting all treasures without losing any points by falling down holes or tripping on logs.

You have 20 minutes to complete each adventure. Harry has 3 lives in each game.

There are 255 jungle scenes through which Harry can travel. Each scene covered underground is equivalent to three on the surface. Pitfall 4K is a circular maze, which means that, if Harry safely goes through all 255 different scenes, he will come back to the starting point. In the course of that journey, Harry will also encounter all 32 treasures.

Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure is fraught with danger. Some hazards will slow him down and rob you of points, while others will stop him cold in his tracks. The lesser hazards are the open holes in the ground and rolling logs. The catastrophic hazards are the scorpions, fires, cobra rattlers, crocodiles, swamps, quicksand and tar pits. These obstacles will not cost you points, but they will cost one of Harry's 3 lives.

Feel free to hack up the source code.

J4K 2012