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The apps are written in Java. The Swing user interfaces were created with NetBeans IDE GUI Builder.

The files reside in:


Here is a summary of the repository:

codeNon-Java sources and binaries
code/asmAssembly language programs
code/binMachine code binaries
code/lutsLookup tables
code/mcMemory code programs
code/tsTetrominoScript programs
code/ts/examplesSamples for this text
code/ts/functionsArithmetic and logic functions
code/ts/gatesLogic gates
code/ts/gates/intermediateIntermediate gates
code/ts/gates/ordinaryOrdinary gates
code/ts/logicCombinational logic
srcJava source
src/main/java/tetrominocomputer/gpcGeneral-purpose computer
src/main/java/tetrominocomputer/simTetrominoes and playfield simulator
src/main/java/tetrominocomputer/mcMemory code parser, and cycle programs generator
src/main/java/tetrominocomputer/tsTetrominoScript parser and tester, and lookup tables generator
src/main/java/tetrominocomputer/tseTetrominoScript Editor
webThis text

Maven builds and packages src into a single jar: target/tetromino-computer.jar

To run an individual app, clone the repo, and execute the jar in the local repo's root with Java 8 or higher:

java -cp target/tetromino-computer.jar [ app class name ] [[ args ]]

The subsequent sections detail the app class names and their expected arguments.

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