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You are free to redistribute, to modify and to use the Meat FighterTM source code in your own programs at no cost as described by the GNU General Public License.


Meat FighterTM was designed with future projects in mind.  The full-screen animation code, the sound effects and music code and the event timing code was placed into a separate gamingtools package.  For your convenience, it can be downloaded as gamingtools.jar.  Here is the gaming tools javadoc bundled as a zip file.  You can view it online here.


The full source code for Meat FighterTM and the gaming tools library can be found here.  Make sure you're equipped with Java version 1.4.1_02 or above.


Check out my Java Developer's Journal article for a tutorial on how to use the gaming tools library and for an explanation on how the code works.  The page of code listings does not appear in the printed magazine due to space limitations.  You can download the missing page here.  Or view the listings online with one of the following links:


Listing 1

Listing 2

Listing 3

Listing 4







This example demonstrates the first steps toward a Space Invaders clone.  It simply moves the invaders from left to right, alternating between two sprites. 


Binary: invaders.jar

Source: or


To launch this example, place invaders.jar in the same directory as gamingtools.jar and type: java -jar invaders.jar






Enter the microscopic world of digital paramecium in this demonstration of sprite rotation.


Binary: paramecium.jar

Source: or


To launch this example, place paramecium.jar in the same directory as gamingtools.jar and type: java -jar paramecium.jar







This example demonstrates how to implement Bézier curves for motion control.


Binary: bezier.jar

Source: or


To launch this example, place bezier.jar in the same directory as gamingtools.jar and type: java -jar bezier.jar







*      Full-Screen Exclusive Mode API:

*      Java Image I/O API:

*      The VolatileImage API User Guide:

*      Java Sound API:

*      Java 3D API:

*      Java Media Framework:

*      Java Native Interface:

*      JSR-134:

*      PlayStation 2 Linux Community:

*      Xbox Linux Project:

*      Nintendo Entertainment System Architecture:

*      Swing Sightings Volume 3:

*      Java Gaming:

*      Video Game Music Archive:

*      Drawing Tablets:

*      History of Street Fighter:















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